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TFV Businesses

Tawi Family Village believes and makes every effort to follow the Principles of Maat and the Nguzo Saba. It is in the spirit of Kujichagulia and Ujama TFV members are business owners and strive to profit from those businesses together.

CIRCLE 77 is a collective of families with a shared vision that enjoy sharing food and resources. We provide a venue for the collective efforts of local farmers, urban gardeners, healthy food enterprises and educators.

SPECIALIZING IN LIBERATION EDUCATION THRU THE ARTS The Children Shall Lead Them Production is a youth development performing arts program that cultivates excellence in our youth. The Children Shall Lead Them Productions predominate objective is to cultivate the self-esteem, image, and awareness of our youth while also building literacy skills, an enjoyment for learning and a strong foundation in knowledge of self. Through various forms of creative expression students are instilled with self love and a discovery of their innate gifts through the power of the arts

Top Quality Scented And Unscented Meditation And Aromatherapy Candles

Soul Purpose

All natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products. The products are conditioning, healing, protecting and moisturizing.



ASCAC provides a body of knowledge that continuously contributes to the rescue. reconstruction and restoration of African history and culture.


Social Services

APDS is a behavioral healthcare center specializing in prevention, treatment & recovery of substance abuse & domestic violence intervention education.

"Extracting the gold inherent in our youth" Youth mentoring programs in Akron, Ohio



Handmade crochet and knit everything from dresses and bags to hats and blankets. SANKOFA is an Akan word that means, one must return to the past in order to move forward.



The mission of BNR is to Celebrate Afrikan* culture through entertainment and information. We do this by using the diverse forms that Afrikan culture is expressed, throughout the world, to help heighten the consciousness of all people, Afrikan people, in particular

BLACK CENTRAL is dedicated to the empowerment of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations within the U.S. and throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. Using technology, we endeavor to cover a variety of topics that pertain to people of African descent. BLACK CENTRAL encourages a critical thinking perspective and fills the void left by mainstream media outlets. BLACK CENTRAL recognizes that there are many working diligently and achieving great things in the community. It is our goal to galvanize those efforts and create a unified force to effect change through collective action.

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